Brazilian Blow Dry

New revolutionary anti-volume system

Brazilian Keratin treatment is a new revolutionary anti-volume system created in brazil now available to the UK. Both clients and professionals love the results of effortless glossy hair. The keratin treatment works as a shield around the hair shaft, protecting it from humidity and sunlight where keratin can be lost. Exclusively made for professionals to tranform dull frizzy hair in to smooth, velvety beautiful hair that lasts up to two months. The treatment helps to restore and strengthen the hair as frequent heat treatments are not needed Making the constant hassle of blow drying and straightening disappear making your life so much easier.

Brazilian Keratin Benefits

  • Same day results (No waiting 3 days)
  • Smooth hair for 3 months
  • Suitable for most hair types
  • Gives Silky, Soft, Shiny Hair
  • Manageable Hair
  • Anti-frizz Treatment
  • Anti- Humidity

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